Do you offer a variety of sizes?
Yes!  I have four different sizes and price ranges to accommodate your budget.

Do you offer a variety of styles?
Yes!  I have three different styles; All Brooches, Brooches on a silk hydrangea, and satin lace fabric with some Brooches.

When can I expect to receive my bouquet?
Bouquets can be expected 1 month before your special day.

Can I see my bouquet before it’s completed?
Yes, I send photos of your bouquet as it’s being created.

Can I send you some of my own brooches and jewels?
Yes. Adding your own touch makes each bouquet that much more special.

Can I choose my colors?
All bouquets are custom made just for you!  I welcome your ideas for colors, stones, metals, and more.

Can I actually see one of your pieces?
Bouquets are displayed at bridal shows or by appointment.

How far in advance should I place my order?
Typically 12 to 4 months before your special day.  However, I am willing to accommodate tight schedules, if able.

How do I start the order process?

  1. Fill out and “send” the Order Form 
  2. Within 48 hours you’ll receive an invoice for 50% of your order.
  3. Your bouquet is scheduled once your deposit is received.