I am SO overjoyed with this beautiful creation!! I was obsessively refreshing the tracking info as if that would make it arrive any faster. lol When I was at work and it said “Delivered” I could barely stand it!!The surprises were just too adorable! The beetle and the inside of it, perfect! Then the sugar glider!!!! How in the world did you find such a thing?! lol
There are no words to express my extreme gratitude for what you have done. Your note made my day just as much as the incredibly and amazingly wonderful bouquet!! I will never forget you or the gracious act you have done for me by creating this. I can’t wait to send you pictures from our wedding day!!!!!!
Thank you again SO much!!
With love and all the best,
Caitlin, Ohio
Hi Denise,
I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful bouquet you made for me for my wedding. Everyone was complimenting me all night, they had never seen anything like it! I was beyond pleased with what you put together, especially the hummingbird, the bow, and the clock that I asked for!! We had such a beautiful night. Thank you again for making everything so special :)
Louana, New Jersey
I’m back from my wedding and wanted to thank you again for my bouquet! Everyone loved it, they couldn’t believe how awesome it looked in real life and how heavy it was. I now have it in a vase above our fireplace :) … the pictures really don’t do the bouquet justice as it was gorgeous! Thanks again!
Keri, Pennsylvania
Hi Denise,I popped over to my parent’s house on my lunch break to get the bouquet. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thank you so so much! I can’t wait to carry it and show it off. You have a true artist’s eye for color and design!Kind Regards,
Farrah, Massachusetts
I can’t tell you how much I love this bouquet. It sits in my living room now and every time I look at it I can’t help but smile. You are an artist to create something so amazing and beautiful that I can carry on with me forever.
Thank you!
Samantha, Pennsylvania
Pictures did not do these works of art justice!!! You have made this bride so happy. Thank you again a million times over. I can’t wait to send you a picture on the day of my wedding! It’s getting close!!
Kristi, California
Denise, I am sending you some pictures of the bouquet & of the wedding!! Everyone loved it & asked where I had gotten it! It was the belle of the ball! Thank you so much for making something that I will cherish the rest of my life! Never will I look at it & not think of that special day & all that it meant to me.
Caren, Oklahoma
Hi Denise!
I received the bouquets today and they arrived in perfect condition. They are even more beautiful in person and I just can’t wait to give them to my mom and two friends. Thank you for working so hard on this project! Your talent and love for what you do shows in your work. I’m sure people are going to ask about your bouquets at the wedding and I will proudly say, “they are made by the bejeweled florist”! Thanks again for everything!!! Have a wonderful Christmas (mele kalikimaka) and a safe and happy new year.Aloha!!
Melanie, Hawaii
You are amazing and you have a gift!!!! Never stop showing the world your talent, you had a lobby of people stunned at the work of art you made for me… I fell in love so much with all my brooches we bought 15 and used them as a detail to tie it all together …..It was perfect. Thank you a million times!
Love always, Valerie New Hampshire
It was truly a pleasure to meet you. Issac and I are thrilled with the beautiful bouquet you made for us. We look forward to showing it off to our friends and family on our wedding day. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing work!
Kristen, Massachusetts
Hi Denise! I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything. You are such an amazing person and I enjoyed talking to you every time. Thank you a again for my bouquet, it is soooo beautiful. Everyone loved it and most people had never seen anything like it. It was one of the most talked about things at the wedding. Pictures don’t do it justice, it’s something I will cherish for the rest of my life and hopefully will be able to pass it down someday.
Jessica, Maryland
Hi denise!
I just got my bouquet, it is here safe!!! I love it sooo much, words can not even explain!!! Thank you sooo much again!!! You have def added an amazing touch to my special day!!
Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day :)
Heather, Florida
Hi Denise,
Our wedding went off without a hitch. Everyone who looked at my bouquet wanted to know the story behind it and who made it.. I gave lots of people your info. :)
thank you so much, you did a wonderful job and Im so glad I’ll have my “flowers” for years to come and pass along to my children.
Beth, Massachusetts
  Hi Denise!
Hope you’re well- the wedding was yesterday and was absolutely amazing. Thought I’d send you a couple of pics- the bouquet was THE talking point of the day- everybody loved it! I will send you more pics when we get the professional ones back.Massive thanks once again for creating such special part of my wedding- I will treasure it forever!Love from Lucy xxx, England
Hi Denise!I would like to let you know that I was utterly in love with the bouquet that you made for my wedding that I even jumped up and down a few times when I opened the box! I was very excited and I couldn’t control myself. It arrived exactly when I was having my wedding cupcake tasting at home. The cupcake ladies were extremely impressed with the bouquet and my daughter as well. We were all wowed! The little clock with the time of my wedding was a very special surprise. I loved it! Your bouquet was my inspiration for all my vintage themed wedding and it was the first piece to arrive.
Working with you was a breeze. Your professionalism, kindness and flexibility were remarkable, but especially your understanding of my vision. You got it right away. It’s incredible how the bouquet matched my ivory and champagne lace gown! It looked liked they were made at the same place. The bouquet was the show piece of my entire civil wedding!
I loved it so much that I would like you to make me another brooch bouquet. Now, one for my religious ceremony.
Thank you so much and all the best, Sincerely, Jacqueline, Canada
Hi Denise,
I wanted to say thank you so much for my bouquet. It is absolutely beautiful and is now on display in my front room. I received loads of compliments on our wedding day, all of our guests were very impressed with your amazing work.
Sam, England
Denise, The bouquet just got here and it is so beautiful!  Those pictures didn’t do it justice!  Thank you so much! I can’t wait to carry my bouquet on my wedding day.  To see all the family pieces displayed means so much…I appreciate you and what you’ve done for me more than you’ll ever know!
All my best, Susanna, Kentucky
just received my bouquet! it’s absolutely beautiful! you do amazing work! thank you so so much!!
Courtney, Nevada
Hi Denise The bouquet arrived today and omg god its fantastic i’m delighted with it. Thanks so much i really honestly could not have asked for much more.
Thanks again. Rochelle, Ireland
Hi Denise,
Everyone was in love with my bouquet and I can’t thank you enough for making it everything I could ask for.
Sarah, New Hampshire
My bouquet is stunning!!! It’s breath-taking.. Wow!!!!!
It’s gonna be tough keeping it a secret. Thank you so much. You are awesome.. It is perfect……. I am so glad to have found you!!!! You are wonderful..
What a perfect addition it is going to make on my special day. I can’t wait to show it off. Thank you!! I will definitely forward you pictures :)
Heather, Pennsylvania
Hello Denise,
I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful bouquet. You have made such a sturdy and And reliable tear drop.
I had so many compliments of how Amazsingly beautiful it is.
Roshelle, Australia
OMG! The pics made me cry! You did such a beautiful job! I’m in awe!
Eydie, Arizona
Denise, I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful work on my bouquet. I received SO many compliments and it went perfectly with my “theme” and accessories. I am SO happy I chose you to make the bouquet for one of the best days of my life. Thanks again.
I got all the bouquets this week and I LOVE them!! They are beautiful!Thank you so much!
Lauren, Texas
Hey Denise!
Wanted to send you a huge Thank You again for the beautiful bouquet! I can’t tell you how gorgeous it was! Everyone loved it, including our vendors who used photos you sent me of it to help with wedding designs! It definitely meant the world and made the wedding that much more special! Thanks again so much,
Brittainey, Indiana
The bouquet is absolutely perfect!!! I love it , so much. It could not be any better. Thank you so much for everything!!
Natalie, Pennsylvania
Hi Denise!
Just wanted to share some wedding pics with you.. Everyone raved about the bouquets!!! They all stated they had never seen anything like them before.. they were all so perfect… thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to your craft.
You have been blessed with an amazing gift!
Lakesha, Connecticut
Hi Denise,
I received the bouquet this morning. It’s more beautifful than I thought!!! Thank you so muche for this, I love it!!! I’ll send you some pictures tuesday when i’ll try the dress!
Thanks a lot XO  Camille, France
Hey Ms. Denise. I received my beautiful brooch bouquet today and I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s soo gorgeous and wonderful! I can’t wait to show it off at the wedding!
Thanks again!
Brooke, Georgia
The bouquets have arrived safe and sound! There are no words to describe them but breathless and stunning. I have to admit looking at them brought tears to my eyes. To see all those brooches that Lisa has grown up with is amazing. My mama’s rings oh my gosh! You did a fabulous job!!!!!
Lisa does not want to see the bouquets until her wedding day. That is going to be the hard part of this entire project not showing her! She will love them. You captured everything perfectly!
Thank you for all your time, patience and hard work!
Love Gina, Georgia
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise! The photos did not do this bouquet justice. I am absolutely IN LOVE with it. Just beautiful! You’re amazing :) thank you thank you thank you :)
I will be sure to send you photos of our special day!!!
Lindsay, Wisconsin
Ooooh my goodness, Denise!! I received the bouquet the other day and haven’t stopped staring at it since. I absolutely love it!! It’s exactly what I wanted and better than I had imagined!! Thank you so much!
Thank you so very much. You’ve been a pleasure to work with.
Laura, Ohio
Hi Denise
Not sure I really have the right words to describe what a masterpiece this jeweled floral bouquet is???
My daughter just opened the tissue wrapping and she was speechless …. Your work is very special and creative.. This bouquet couldn’t be more perfect
Thank you so much!!
Sincerely Cece, Maryland